Geothermal Calculator

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Calculator help you estimate Geothermal System installation cost, and compare operating cost to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer, with Oil, Gas and Electric Heating and Cooling Systems.

You can select the type of HVAC system you have right now as well as select your local energy costs for oil ( $/gallon of heating oil ), Natural Gas ( $/Cubic Foot ), and Electricity Prices ($/KWH).

Calculate Geothermal Prices Now!

Total Sq. Ft. of heated space in your home (include all floors)

Average ceiling height (feet)

Age of home (years)


Electric rate ($/kWh)

Natural gas rate ($/ccf)

Propane rate ($/gal)

Heating Oil Prices ($/gallon)

Comparison heating system 1
Comparison cooling system 1
Comparison water heating system 1
Comparison heating system 2
Comparison cooling system 2
Comparison water heating system 2

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  1. Faun Boston Says:

    What would the cost be of geothermal against my present system?

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